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Thursday, February 09, 2006

More on the stadium debate.

With a recent ruling that the Twins have a right to move after this season, something that has never mattered much when it came to this issue, the rhetoric is heating up.

Do it this session or there gone is what the Don Beaver in the Carolinas (1997) Contraction (2001) Las Vegas/Portland (today) crowd has to say. Of course we've heard it all before, and as educated people we can look at reality and ask real questions instead of sitting down listening to threats and using fears to motivate our decisions.

King Bainiain at http://www.scsuscholars.com/ says it best in his February 8th posting.

Would they try Charlotte again? Portland and Las Vegas are offered but the former is simply too small to support an MLB franchise and the latter is too attractive to Pete Rose, if you know what I mean. You have to wonder why the Minnesota legislature is in such a hurry to disenfranchise area voters and taxpayers. Yet there they go:

This isn't an issue of sports folks arguing with non sports folks, this is educated people arguing with the uninformed or uneducated.

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