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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Joe Repya's

For those of you that didn't know I considered myself a Republican for the last few years despite major differences that I convinced myself Republicans would eventually come around on. When Joe Repya announced he would run Independence Party I was excited and ready to support him every step of the way in an uphill battle to defeat Tom Horner. Soon after he announced he presented his goofy but sensible thoughts on a Viking football stadium. Unfortantly when the media came calling his proposal remained goofy despite a full oppurtunity to answer questions that had to be asked. After one such interview a state rep called in to explain why he didn't support Repya's run for Republican Party chair with the simple explanation Joe never asked. I had thought everything Republicans were saying were sour grapes and an effort to make sure a more left leaning candidate Represents the IP.

Joe's web site was great he had a representitive and lit at my caucus, and I understand how hard it is to get exposure at this stage even if your a Republican or DFL front runner. I had no doubt he was running as hard of a campaign as he knew how, still when it was announced that Joe quite his campaign it was clear the reason was because he thought he was playing run for governor fantasy camp and wasn't ready for the real work. Candidates come and so much goes into a good campaign that you should never expect anything more then what Reypa's campaign ended being, but Joe's problem was he had to find someone to blaim when in reality nobody would have blaimed him for ending his effort knowing Tom Horner was the favorite among IP supporters, but just as he did a few months earlier when he left the Republican party he had to take cheap shots at good people on the way out.

I could go on and on about him but unlike Joe I'm more mature then that.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

2010 Governor's race

With Tim Pawlenty out everyone who has ever thought of running for Governor will. What does that mean for the Independence party? A better chance at a high level candidate. Unfortanatly unless someone like Kent Hrbek or Prince wanted to run the Independence Party is really limited to Jesse Ventura, Dean Barkley, Tim Penny, and Tammy Lee if they want anyone who is shooting for anything more then retaining major party status.

Among those Dean Barkley would probably give you the best result, however if you think winning (or competing at a level that makes watching election results meaningful) and losing are the only two results that matter Tammy Lee is the candidate with the best shot.

Barkley will always exceed expectations as he did in the unresolved US Senate race of 2008, but it's just not reasonable to think he will ever exceed 20%, Tammy Lee might not exceed 10% statewide, but if poll #'s show any momentum behind her she has the qualities and the political skill to take advantage. Jesse Ventura won't run. Tim Penny would have solid results, possibly even similar to Barkley, but he lacks political skill.

Others who would consider a run include Jim Gibson and Peter Hutchinson, as well as anyone Tim Penny hand picks as for whatever reason the party cares about Penny's complete lack of political insight

For me unless it's Tammy Lee I really don't care.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Maureen Reed

Peter Hutchinson's 2006 running mate Maureen Reed is challenging Michele Bachmann looking for the endorsement of both the DFL and Independence Party as Elwin Tinklenberg recieved in 2008.

Bachmann clearly has a large target considering how outspoken and often silly she sounds and how competitive her first two races were. If the goal is to defeat Bachmann then the DFL must understand that she can only have one opponent. There is no question if she runs on the DFL line that someone will take the Independence Party line and take 5-10% of the anti Bachmann vote. The only hope is that she is on the Independence line with a clear DFL line. I can't see it happening, and I'm sure Reed understands this. I'm also sure the DFL is unwilling to sacrifice to defeat Bachmann just as the Republicans have been unwilling to sacrifice to defeat Keith Ellison. They may embrace Reed over all other DFL candidates, but they will be unwilling to put her and the Independence Party in position to win.

In the end this looks like a Bachmann victory 48% to 45% with an IP ballot line candidate making up more then the difference. I used to close a blog like this saying this is a case for instant run off voting, but Democrats have decided they don't want it, and thus Republicans can take advantage.


Jesse Ventura said we should have a none of the above option on the ballot in the US Senate race, and 6 months later we have exactly that. While the closeness of the race and not the quality of the candidates is the reason for the delay justice is being served to both Norm Coleman and Al Franken. Both could not reach 42% of the vote. To put that in perspective think about the best of 7 playoff series going on in the NHL and NBA right now. 3 out of 7 is 42.85% and represents the end of a season. In a few months a winner will be sent to Washington, with no clear answer as to why one candidate gained hundereds of votes over the course of the recount. Whoever it is will serve a for 5 years and lose a re-election bid should they be so arrogent as to run again, and while it can be said Minnesota is shorthanded in the US Senate that speaks more to the lack of integroty shown by the other 98 Senators and/or the lack of ability of our sitting US Senator.

As for the none of the above option nobody in power is going to allow it, however their may be a legal way to create the option. If you recall in 2006 Robert Fitzgerald ran for US Senate despite the fact he was 29 on election day. He was considered an elegible candidate because he turned 30 by the time he would have been seated in January. I am among the thousands of Minnesotans that was 29 when US Senators should have been seated but have turned 30 since. As far as I'm concearned this sets precedent in the future for all those that potentially fit this catagory to run for office, and should they win they could start their term the day they hit 30.

In 2012 a 24 year old should run for US Senate, then maybe we will stop seeing candidates that can't win game Seven.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

If you don't know, don't vote

Anyone can go vote, but only an educated vote makes this a better place. If your not willing to commit youself to it, then please don't vote.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

My Soil Water board Vote

Soil and Water board votes from me are well earned, they represent the worst Past votes

1998 Norm Coleman for saying Jesse Ventura can't win
2000 every presidential candidate with the exception of John Haiglen cause there were to many races to limit it to one
2002 Rick Kahn for the Wellstone memorial
2004 Mary Kiffmeyer for trying to knock 20 candidates off the ballot for no good reason (even if the law was on her side which it was not)
2006 Chris Stewart for his race baiting of Tammy Lee

2008 nominees Ralf Nader for having the gall to claim to be anti bailout in his radio ads when he has made a career out of trying to bail people out.

Al Franken can't pay his taxes, and can't simply admit an honest mistake.

Keith Oberman where his anger comes from I do not know but he needs to get over his hatred for Bill O'Reilly, maybe he should go back to ESPN where he will blend in better.

Barack Obama marrying a women who has never been proud of her country, going to church to see how many times the pastor can say god damn America, working with a guy who on 9-11-2001 said he should have bombed more American buildings.

Any other year Al Franken would have won the honor but I will be writing in Barack Obama's full name, he can change his middle name if it's a problem. The position of president requires a middle name from Richard Milhouse Nixon to John Quincey Adams to William Jefferson Clinton and George Walker Bush. If as president Barack Obama demands we don't use his middle name he disrespects the office something that there is no doubt in my mind he will do in more ways then just this if he is elected.


It appears outside of the constitutional ammendment I will once again be on the losing side of everything.

Taxes for things ammendment Fails with 57% voting to support it (needs 60 to pass) My vote HELL NO!!!
US Senate Norm Coleman 42% Al Franken slightly less then 42% Dean Barkley 16% My vote Dean Barkley
President national John McCain wins with something less then 290 EC votes
President Minnesota Barack Obama 49% John McCain 47% other 4% My vote, I'm writing in Ron Paul
State House 51A Caroline Laine 62% Tim Utz 38% my vote Tim Utz

Friday, October 24, 2008

You know it's bad...

When I'm endorsing Michele Bachmann, but in light of Barack Obama (who the media has not been willing to investigate) set to become the most fiscally liberal president of my lifetime, we have to be willing to set asside major objectives such as leagalizing gay marraige to keep the true fiscal conservitives we have.

While many will talk about compramise I look for a firmly planted principal. Michele Bachmann is the most principaled member of congress Minnesota has, even if she is as wrong as you can get in regard on gay marraige, at least she's honest about it unlike the Democrats who all claim to be "friends of the gay community" but take no meaningful action.

There are 11 days left of the country I know and love, and all be damned if we get rid of one more fiscal conservitive simply because she was being honest about what Barack Obama represents.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3rd district debate Friday

This is your last chance to watch George Bush loving immature shmuck Ashwin Madia prove that there are only two accaptable outcomes in the 3rd CD. David Dillon and Erick Paulson. Decide for yourself Friday night on KSTP.

Independence Party presidential endorsement

Next weekend the Independence Party will hold a convention to endorse a candidate for President among all candidates. Media articles focus in on Obama and McCain, but the reality is neither of those candidates are eligible based on platform rules, so basically it will come down to Ralf Nader, Chuck Baldwin, or Bob Barr. If the party is moving in the direction it needs to a Bob Barr endorsement will occur, if Tim Penny, Peter Hutchinson and there supporters are allowed to continue to strangle the party they will say platform me damned and endorse Obama effectively ending Dean Barkley's hope's to defeat Norm Coleman and Al Franken.