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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Joe Repya's

For those of you that didn't know I considered myself a Republican for the last few years despite major differences that I convinced myself Republicans would eventually come around on. When Joe Repya announced he would run Independence Party I was excited and ready to support him every step of the way in an uphill battle to defeat Tom Horner. Soon after he announced he presented his goofy but sensible thoughts on a Viking football stadium. Unfortantly when the media came calling his proposal remained goofy despite a full oppurtunity to answer questions that had to be asked. After one such interview a state rep called in to explain why he didn't support Repya's run for Republican Party chair with the simple explanation Joe never asked. I had thought everything Republicans were saying were sour grapes and an effort to make sure a more left leaning candidate Represents the IP.

Joe's web site was great he had a representitive and lit at my caucus, and I understand how hard it is to get exposure at this stage even if your a Republican or DFL front runner. I had no doubt he was running as hard of a campaign as he knew how, still when it was announced that Joe quite his campaign it was clear the reason was because he thought he was playing run for governor fantasy camp and wasn't ready for the real work. Candidates come and so much goes into a good campaign that you should never expect anything more then what Reypa's campaign ended being, but Joe's problem was he had to find someone to blaim when in reality nobody would have blaimed him for ending his effort knowing Tom Horner was the favorite among IP supporters, but just as he did a few months earlier when he left the Republican party he had to take cheap shots at good people on the way out.

I could go on and on about him but unlike Joe I'm more mature then that.


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