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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Independence Party presidential endorsement

Next weekend the Independence Party will hold a convention to endorse a candidate for President among all candidates. Media articles focus in on Obama and McCain, but the reality is neither of those candidates are eligible based on platform rules, so basically it will come down to Ralf Nader, Chuck Baldwin, or Bob Barr. If the party is moving in the direction it needs to a Bob Barr endorsement will occur, if Tim Penny, Peter Hutchinson and there supporters are allowed to continue to strangle the party they will say platform me damned and endorse Obama effectively ending Dean Barkley's hope's to defeat Norm Coleman and Al Franken.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we are pushed into endorsing Obama or McCain by these 2 and their supporters then how are we different from those other 2? That would be saying that we have split personalities. It would mean that we blow with the wind and that is not what we want to be about. We need to stand our ground. Tim and Peter. Don't push having either of these 2 endorsed. It would ruin this party and we will be a laughing stock. I know I would leave this party should this happen. If we do endorse one of these 2 then the IP is not what they say they believe in. They need to step up and support our candidates. I mean all of our candidates. At least that are endorsed because they are following our platform.
Where is the support for all of them? Where are the letter to the editors on their behalf from our party leaders? I know they have been supporting Dean, which is good, but what about those that are running on other levels?
I am not good at writing at all. My words as a party member would not mean as much to others unless it came from our party leadership.
Please, Tim and Peter. Don't push an Obama, McCain endorsement. This would not be good for our party.

Blogger DavidD said...

Tim Penny is supporting John McCain. He is part of the "Democrats for McCain" effort.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just lost a bit of respect for Tim if he pushes to set aside our platform.


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