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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Way to go Dean!!!

Norm Coleman was only prepared to debate Al Franken tonight, and is acting like a five year old with almost every other response. Franken is giving the typical liberal responses, and outside of appearing inexperianced in the setting is holding his own. Dean Barkley on the other hand understands his opponents, understands the format, understands the public, and even understands the specific rule details of this paticular debate. He's put that all together and is running circles around his opponents.

If your going to show up a debate, you might as well bring everything you've got. Dean did that tonight and will again four more times. If his opponents step it up in the final four debates the best they can hope for is to be on equal footing of Dean Barkley.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Dean did well last night. And he is doing a good job of appealing to the frustration and anger of the voters. In the next debates, I think he would also be well served to start articulating a vision that goes beyond a 4 year spending freeze. I know he can do this - and it would be better for him to take a lead on this before he is attacked for not having one.


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