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Saturday, October 04, 2008

How this helps across the board

I spent last evening campaigning with Northeast Minneapolis State House candidate David DeGrio, 3rd running a financially strong campaign, and even candidates of other parties like Libertarian Bob Barr will benefit hugely by Dean Barkleys strong support. In 1998 there really were not any strong candidates for Jesse Ventura to take along for the ride, still 3rd party support was up tremendously that year.

Some polls showed David Dillon in double digits prior to Barkley's emergence. While a lot of there support was bound to come from the same people Barkley will bring new people toward Dillon. If in a the average year the typical moderately active IP candidate finishes between 5-10% we can look at 8-15% this year. The better candidates like Dillon and DeGrio can compete.


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Thanks for the shout out Mike!


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