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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Who does Dean Barkley help?

We all know Dean Barkley will help Independence Party candidates like David Dillon up and down the ballot, and third party candidates in general, but a critical question should be asked. In the race for president does Dean Barkleys likely strong showing help either Barack Obama or John McCain at a meaningful level?

At this point it's tough to say, both have strong independent qualities, and strong partisan records. I think Barkley's strongest driving point among those that aren't simply using him as a protest vote, is fiscal conservatism, and clearly McCain is closer to that position then Obama.

The latest poll shows Obama up 18%, but if the gap closes Barkley's voters could sway Minnesota, and this year Minnesota could decide a close election.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this race a bit lately. Do you know whether Bill Hillsman or someone else is doing Barkley's media? I think a couple creative ads could go a long way in this one.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also think that it is time that all the Independent Candidates get together and do a huge door knocking lit drop campaign. We need to show support for each other. Just pick a few Saturdays and get out. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. Extra stickers, stuff like that. We need to show people that we are serious about these campaigns. I am tired of hearing that Dean, David and the rest of OUR candidates are a non factor or a wasted vote. I know we don't have the money but there is something that has to be done to be taken serious.
I like what is being done in the 5th Showing up at high school football games. Let's copy that idea. How about showing up outside the dome for football games. I know we can do that. That was done 2 years ago.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillsman is involved in the Barkley Campaign.


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