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Monday, October 06, 2008

Who won the first debate?

All three campaigns claim to have one the debate, only one posted the debate on their website. Dean Barkley and his staffers are proud of his performance. It appears the same can't be said for Norm Coleman or Al Franken.


Blogger Chad said...


I work full time, as I have since 1991. I pay taxes, just like you. I enlisted in the military and served my country in a time of war. I am not asking you to pay for my education, I paid for it myself.

My fundamental problem is the same one I had with Jesse (who I voted for). I don't care what you cut, but make sure you fund education and make sure it is affordable for everyone.

Your argument against your tax dollars going towards the education of our youth is as valid as my saying that I shouldn't have to pay into Social Security. The older folks should have done a better job of saving money.

If I said that, you would call me clueless.

The 109th Congress passed H.R. 609, which not only cut Pell grants, but allowed banks to hike the interest rates on student loans. Education is a direct investment in our future. There are a lot of places you can cut expenditures. Education should not be one of them.

Republicans accuse Democrats of being "tax and spend." Given the policy of "Spend and spend" on the part of Republicans it is no wonder the deficit is growing at unfathomable levels.

Electing one Senator from the Independence party will not change anything. Barkley was given an open and honest shot to earn my vote. The only thing he said that appealed to me was bring the troops home.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To elect one Senator is a start. It is saying that we are sick and tired of the same old crud that is going on now. We sent Dean there to start to make changes. Like anything change in how we do our government's business is slow. But it just takes that spark to light a fire. There are other candidates that are running from the Independence Party as well. We need to do more to help them. If we can get Dean there along with David Dillon - Endorsed Candidate from the 3rd CD - then we can go from there. Dean and David in Washington will bring change. Yes, education is the key to a better country and that is a no brainer. Cut Social Security? Stupid idea when you said old people should have saved better. Remember, many of them helped you get to where you are today. They went through harder times than you ever will. Many fought tougher military battles than you did and stayed longer to fight then you did. So I would back off on our seniors a bit and give them a break.
I believe that getting Dean and David to Washington would do not just a few things but would turn Washington on their heads. They could begin the tide of this food fight that is always going on. Maybe they will stop this who did what to whom and get back to there is a problem so let's fix it. Sort of "Houston we have a problem." They didn't sit there and blame someone. They said there is a problem or many problems so let's find a solution. I believe that David Dillon and Dean Barkley will do just that.


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