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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What the Barkley campaign is doing wrong

I strongly support Dean Barkley for US Senate, he is far and away the best candidate on the ballot. I am however not connected to the campaign and am not completly sure he is doing everything he can to put himself in position to win.

First the positive he is fundraising, fundraising, fundraising. He is taking the debates as seriusly as possible and knows what it takes to score points.

Heres the problem, although honesty counts, Unless your 110% honest 120% of the time, the bailout is not the issue you go against the masses on. Dean's rational and anger on the bailout is solid, but he is absulutly losing votes by saying he would have voted for it. I personally am tempted not to publish that last sentance as it might cost him one or two more votes.

The second area where Dean Barkley is falling short is his incestence to comment on all poll results including the one that came out today. A few weeks ago a poll came out showing Dean at 3%, it was flawed, we all knew it was flawed, and we all knew why it was flawed. Survey USA and the Star Tribune poll have proven track records of giving a good indication of where we are at, and what direction we are moving. If some other poll showed Barkley at 26% that would be worth having fun with, but outside of the poll on election day it is pointless to focus on the polls that only come out once or twice when other polls come out with new results every few weeks.


Blogger mike said...

Wow the Al Franken staffers are quick to try to jump on this at midnight. What do your internals say? Sorry but staffers comments will not be published unless they include your most recent internals.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that Dean is not doing a lit drop on the whole. But maybe if people swing by the office to see what if anything they have that can be handed out and do so in their area? I know I will be. Any other IP candidates out there want some help? West Metro!


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