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Friday, October 24, 2008

You know it's bad...

When I'm endorsing Michele Bachmann, but in light of Barack Obama (who the media has not been willing to investigate) set to become the most fiscally liberal president of my lifetime, we have to be willing to set asside major objectives such as leagalizing gay marraige to keep the true fiscal conservitives we have.

While many will talk about compramise I look for a firmly planted principal. Michele Bachmann is the most principaled member of congress Minnesota has, even if she is as wrong as you can get in regard on gay marraige, at least she's honest about it unlike the Democrats who all claim to be "friends of the gay community" but take no meaningful action.

There are 11 days left of the country I know and love, and all be damned if we get rid of one more fiscal conservitive simply because she was being honest about what Barack Obama represents.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Besides, Michele Bachmann is kinda hot.


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