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Sunday, November 02, 2008


It appears outside of the constitutional ammendment I will once again be on the losing side of everything.

Taxes for things ammendment Fails with 57% voting to support it (needs 60 to pass) My vote HELL NO!!!
US Senate Norm Coleman 42% Al Franken slightly less then 42% Dean Barkley 16% My vote Dean Barkley
President national John McCain wins with something less then 290 EC votes
President Minnesota Barack Obama 49% John McCain 47% other 4% My vote, I'm writing in Ron Paul
State House 51A Caroline Laine 62% Tim Utz 38% my vote Tim Utz


Blogger mike said...

With a few precints left to report Norm Coleman 42.00% Al Franken 41.96% Dean Barkley and other 16%. Damn I'm smart.

Blogger Candidate 50-A said...

I proudly ran in 50-A against Carolyn Laine. In 3 month campaign we stopped the Obama fever and the Republican bleed. In 50-B the republican lost 14% of her 2006 support and the democrat gained 19.5%. I gained 3% and Carolyn Laine lost 1% in 2008 a district that voted democrat for 40 years. We intend to win in 2010 and continue a full campaign now, visit us at www.timutzforhouse.com or on Facebook.


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