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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Maureen Reed

Peter Hutchinson's 2006 running mate Maureen Reed is challenging Michele Bachmann looking for the endorsement of both the DFL and Independence Party as Elwin Tinklenberg recieved in 2008.

Bachmann clearly has a large target considering how outspoken and often silly she sounds and how competitive her first two races were. If the goal is to defeat Bachmann then the DFL must understand that she can only have one opponent. There is no question if she runs on the DFL line that someone will take the Independence Party line and take 5-10% of the anti Bachmann vote. The only hope is that she is on the Independence line with a clear DFL line. I can't see it happening, and I'm sure Reed understands this. I'm also sure the DFL is unwilling to sacrifice to defeat Bachmann just as the Republicans have been unwilling to sacrifice to defeat Keith Ellison. They may embrace Reed over all other DFL candidates, but they will be unwilling to put her and the Independence Party in position to win.

In the end this looks like a Bachmann victory 48% to 45% with an IP ballot line candidate making up more then the difference. I used to close a blog like this saying this is a case for instant run off voting, but Democrats have decided they don't want it, and thus Republicans can take advantage.


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