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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Team Minnesota

While I don't expect the Independence Party will be able to keep all of team Minnesota and staff on board on a regular basis, it is clear many are willing to take major roles with the party going forward. Most seem to be willing to stay active within the Independence Party movement in some way rather then jumping ship. It would not take much skilled help to create a more active Independence Party in the publics eye as fundraising can pick up if a strong effort by skilled fundraisers is made.

I'm unaware of what role Team Minnesota candidates outside of Peter Hutchinson want to take, but they can also continue to represent a strong face to the party assuming they stay on board.

Until a candidate for US Senate emerges it will be the new party leadership that makes the greatest impact on the future of the Independence Party, and those newcomers who come from the campaign staff of Team Minnesota or for that matter Tammy Lee, will be best fit to bring energy and experiance to the Independence Party effort.

Dan Monson gone!!!

Dan Monson is set to announce he is resigning this afternoon. It's just to bad he can't take Glen Mason with him, maybe now the Gopher's basketball program will actually go after good players out of high school, that have not already rejected them by committing elsewhere.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

2.2 billion of our dollars

Just a little math 2,200,000,000 divided by 5 million equals $440 in surplus for each and every Minnesotan. I'd be more then happy to take my portion of the surplus in the form of a check, but something tells me the DFLers have other plans. We shall see what Tim Pawlenty does given he had a hard time not throwing money around when there wasn't much to go around, and he actually had some fiscally conservative allies. On the plus side the legislator doesn't have to worry to much about that transportation amendment.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tim Penny

Tim Penny is making a little noise again advicing the Democrat controlled congress. We can hope the Democrats follow his advice, and continue on that path by bringing forth a rational candidate to run for Senate in 08, but if not Tim Penny seems ready to be the voice of reason.

Penny had an overwhelming voice of power within the Independence Party up until the start of the 2006 election cycle. Now that he is no longer the "king" of the party, I feel he has a greater opportunity for meaningful influence within the party and beyond. I would still feel better if someone else of similar status was our candidate for US Senate in 08' but Penny should be a guiding voice for us toward that Senate race, and if he wants to run I'll be more then happy to have the opportunity to endorse him.

If I had my way he would run for state house in 08' and would be a strong favorite to win that race, the party needs a strong force of State House candidates in 08' and if someone like Tim Penny leads the way it will make it much easier for others to follow.

Monday, November 27, 2006

10 to watch

All right I'm going to start using cheap tricks to keep this blog active when the political news is slow.

In the next few weeks I will post about the 10 people or bodies within the Independence Party who can make the most significant impact on the party going forward.

Those ten in no particular order are

2006 6th district congressional candidate John Binkowski
Current State Party Chair and 2002 US Senate Candidate Jim Moore
Former DFL congressman and 2002 Independence Party Gubernatorial candidate Tim Penny
Current 5th congressional district chair Peter Theraldson
2006 Gubernatorial candidate Peter Hutchinson
Mayor of Anoka Bjorn Skolgquist
2006 5th district congressional candidate Tammy Lee
Party leadership in general
2000 US Senate candidate and Jim Gibson
The entire Team Minnesota staff

All of the above listed people can make a major impact in a variety of roles, be it party leadership, future candidates, or the media face of the party. If you saw my comments regarding the 2008 US Senate race you know that many of the above were mentioned as potential candidates, but beyond that many of the above would make ideal candidates for State House, and many of the above can play a critical role in candidate recruitment.

In the coming weeks I will go down that list one by one, give a little background and do my best to give you a good idea of what role will be taken moving forward.

I should note that the two bodies that will make the most significant impact on the Independence party going forward are the DFL and Republican parties, as I described in discussing Al Franken, but I'm keeping this list to those within the Independence Party.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Al Franken's decision

Al Franken appeals to the base of the DFL, he says what they want to hear, he calls Republicans out every chance he gets, and would be the dream candidate for the average Democrat. If Al Franken enters the race he becomes the strong favorite to win the DFL endorsement and primary. Which means the upcoming announcement of his decision to run or not means everything in this race. If Franken enters the race those considering a DFL run will realize they are up against the odds, and credible DFL candidates will choose not to run. The bigger story though is it will drive quality candidates that want to be on the November ballot to look at the Independence Party.

No matter who runs for the Independence Party though an additional factor is in play. The Independence candidate will probably fair as well if not better then Robert Fitzgerald's 3.2% showing. If the race is close in Norm Coleman's favor the democrats may once again call the Independence party the spoiler. From the perspective of November of 2006 looking forward on this race, it is clear to me that the DFL and/or Franken control that spoiler variable. Bringing a candidate forward who does not have a wide range of appeal, or for that matter credibility, will drive the Independence campaign up, will encourage DFL leaning quality candidates to run IP, and ultimately will increase Norm Coleman's chances.

Franken's decision means everything in this race, even if someone knocks him off come 2008 he has the potential to do damage to the DFL's chances. Maybe that will be OK, maybe the wave we saw this year doesn't stop and Al Franken can win in 08 even with the best possible DFL leaning Independence Party candidate "trying to spoil things", but if that's the case a lot of liberal Democrats can win who don't turn moderates and Independence off in the way Franken does. The quality of candidates that come from the DFL and Republican parties are what drives people to run Independence. What we saw in the final moments of the governors race was absolutely a driving force in Peter Hutchinson's decision to run for governor, if Norm Coleman were to decide to step down and Michele Bachmann became the favorite to become the Republican candidate, it would drive a strong candidate with Republican leanings towards the Independence Party, Al Franken represents the exact same thing on the other end.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blogs, on the 2006 election?

I have had a theory that blogs will very quickly become a non-factor in politics, and am beginning to think that may have already happened. Looking only at the major Minnesota races, there was never a moment when I though a blog was pushing a story that ended up mattering. E-85 gate had nothing to do with blogs, very little of Keith Ellison's background mattered even though blogs pushed it heavily. The US Senate race might be the clearest example of blogs being a complete non factor, blogs were created for the sole purpose of covering this race from long before this race opened up with Mark Dayton announcing his exit. Next to nothing of merit came of that, and the race simply came down to the candidates and the way they portrayed themselves. Even Minnesota Democrats Exposed which is always an entertaining read, and lifted a lot of stuff into the mainstream media failed to propel any stories that effected any race.

It may be that the anti Bush, and thus given a large two party mindset, pro Democrat wave overpowered all other factors to the point where the 2006 elections can not be looked back on for any major insight, and it should be noted the internet culture was probably a large factor in the anti-Bush wave, but I don't have major expectations that blogs will play any factor in 2008.

One thing's for certain, blogs are not going away, heck I had an expectation of ignoring this blog post election, yet I am still actively looking for things to blog. I've decided to mainly stay on topic of Minnesota politics and the Independence Party, so it has left very little at this time, but as the legislative session starts up, and candidates eventually start to emerge this will be as active of a blog as ever. And of course every once in a while a story emerges that only bloggers can get their hands around, the Chris Stewart story being a perfect example.

So now the media has moved on to the newest greatest Internet tool, youtube. The only reason that will matter is we will see more people out there with cameras in hand, but lets be honest any relevant video footage will be ran into the ground on TV. No matter what new technology emerges politics will always be about the candidates, and how they are able to present themselves. The best candidate (note not necessarily best person for the job) will continue to win no matter what

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The political lull

Without this Chris Stewart story I would be left with nothing. I'm not gonna go after Keith Ellison or Michele Bachmann unless they do something completly unexpected. I don't really care what big names want to run for president as the race doesn't start until the newcomer governor types make their way on the media's radar. I still don't know what's going to happen now that the Democrats have so much power in Minnesota, and have taken away Republican controll in Washington.

The big question's I have won't be answered for at least a few months, how high is minumum wage going up? Is there still support for a Viking stadium? And despite Tim Pawlenty's indication that he would deal with it different than with the Twins is he going to be as pro stadium as anyone? And will the voters voice be heard in Iraq anytime soon?

As for the Independence Party it's all about getting some legislative candidates lined up and ready to go for 08' sooner than later, as well as a fundraising machine heading into the 08' Senate race. A strong national independent voice in the presidential race would help big time. Otherwise it's time for the party to iron out the platform a little more, reeveluate where we're headed in a few areas, notably determine if we need to define ourselves as something other than the party for independents.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Could be interesting

Some news may be developing today on newly elected Minneapolis school board member Chris Stewart. We shall see if the call's for his resignation from many on the left have done the job.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blaming Tammy Lee?

Just to let those blaming Tammy Lee for their opportunity to view the unspeakable Chris Stewart created racist web site know, it was Chris Stewart that wanted the web site to become public. Tammy Lee simply allowed you to see the web site on her terms, not Stewarts.
The rhetoric against Tammy Lee seems to be that calling Keith Ellison on his unpaid parking tickets or lack of responsibility in paying his taxes year after year is a form of racism, and thus that made it fair to manipulate her campaign web site into something that suggested she was a member of the klu Klux Klan. This of course is silly, as any political candidate with a record of irresponsibility such as Ellison will be called on it.

I didn't see anyone make any accusations against Patty Wetterling when she made up Michelle Bachmann's record, nobody called Tim Pawlenty a child molester when he made up Mike Hatch's record, but still some think it's fair game to call Tammy Lee a racist because she referred to Keith Ellison's record. In politics nothing is completely off limits, in fact if someone thinks Tammy Lee is a racist it is fair game to make that case, but you don't get to make up the facts without being held accountable.

Lets be perfectly clear here had the information on Stewart's actions been made public long enough prior to the election for the media and public to digest it he would have been defeated. He was able to hide his actions long enough though and won the election, but the public outrage didn't go away simply because the election had passed.

A few hacks writing letters to the editor blaming Tammy Lee for this chain of events do not change Chris Stewart's sad reality. The ball is now in Stewart's hands, he can either hijack the Minneapolis school boards ability to do the people's work or he can resign.

As someone who saw the web site before damage control began, as well as the blog post and comments that came from Stewart that went with it, I can tell you this was anything but satire. If someone thought Tammy Lee was a racist they wouldn't think it was funny, instead they would find legitimate means to expose her.

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's never to early to talk 08'

The 2008 US Senate race is actually very close to beginning. While the 2006 US Senate race was jump started by Mark Dayton's announcement he would not seek re-election we should have a large list of challengers to Norm Coleman (assuming he seeks re-election) by the end of next summer. On the DFL side we know about Al Franken, and the list of potential candidates is long.

On the Independence Party side there are a lot of strong possibilities. Jim Gibson has expressed an interest in making another run, and federal office is his best fit, so I would expect him to run for either congress or US Senate in 08. Tim Penny is always a strong possibility to re-enter the game. While I don't expect the quick turn around Tammy Lee would be a very good candidate. Who knows maybe Kelly Doran wants a ticket onto the stage again, if he has a few more dollars to blow through he would seem to be a good fit with the Independence Party.

I don't expect a quick turnaround from Robert Fitzgerald or John Binkowski, and I don't expect Jack Uldrich, Jim Moore, or Dean Barkley to take a stab at it again.

The early best guess is Jim Gibson, although I would only put that at about a 20% chance as there are a lot of solid possibilities out there, not to mention newcomers I am not yet aware of.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

What does he know that I don't

Former Republican Party Chair Ron Eibensteiner promotes the idea of the GOP picking Tim Pawlenty for President in 08. I don't disagree the national Republican Party would be wise to select Pawlenty if they want to represent Bush like conservatism while maintaining electability.

The question I do have though, does Eibensteiner know Pawlenty intends to run for the nomination and if so why didn't Pawlenty indicate that while running for re-election?

I had it right in April

April 5th Congressional race prediction

Just missed the GOP and DFL candidate's and was a little high on Pond at the expense of Lee and as it turned out Fine. Note the closing line, it will be tough to make an accurate prediction.

I wasn't to far off in the 6th district either.

I look forward to the comments on this one.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A couple things

The story I'd rather ignore involving a newly elected school board member in Minneapolis made front page news in the Star Tribune this morning.

Former Jesse Ventura campaign manager Doug Friedline passed away yesterday.

It appears Peter Hutchinson is ready to do it all over again in 2010, and run for Governor with the Independence party a second time. Given his campaign staff have yet to attach themselves to other politicians this would be huge news for the Independence party going forward.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Going forward

Every seat in congress is up for grabs again, every seat in the state house is also up for grabs, Norm Coleman's US Senate seat is in play, and Minnesota's Independence party will be a huge part of these races. The 2008 election cycle has started, the Democrat wave of 06 is over, they now have to go to St Paul and Washington and impress the voters, and that's easier said then done.

But more important what's out of play? The DFL having any credibility talking about wasting a vote on an Independence Party candidate in 08'. Why? Because the DFL now has enough seats in the state house and senate to bring forward Instant Run off voting. If their worried about the Independence Party taking votes away from them they will bring IRV forward statewide. With or without IRV though candidates like Tammy Lee, John Binkowski along with others like them who have yet to emerge will have a credible voice in any race they run in. Peter Hutchinson along with the rest of his running mates brought a level of credibility to the party that has never been had before.

The ground force has been upgraded, the fundraising base has been upgraded. While others will look at vote total in one race and see the IP on the decline all meaningful party building factors were upgraded significantly in the last twelve months. Am I ready to say the Independence Party will take a seat in congress in 08 or win the Governors race in 10? Not yet, but I am ready to say the hopes in 08 are better then they were this year, and the party accomplished a lot this year despite a fall in the Governor #'s.

I look forward to the candidates that will come forward for the next cycle, I look forward to working with Robert Fitzgerald, Tammy Lee, and John Binkowski, and Peter Hutchinson to put a strong face on this party in the media. And I look forward to the party of the Bison, the party that is represented by the color orange, to continue to become more of a political party and less of a vehicle for political independents.

I told current Party chair Jim Moore when I first met him on my 24th birthday just under 4 years ago that I have 50 years to give this party. I now have a little more then 46 years to give this party, I expect to be a member of one of this nations two biggest parties before all is said and done, and I won't be changing parties to do that.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Last night

There were times early when I expected great things, but going into the final weeks of this election we knew the writing was on the wall, we would not win a anywhere unless a lot of suprises happened in the 5th district. Still this party in the final weeks of the campaign did not go backwards as third parties typically do the final weeks of losing efforts, Peter Hutchinson who polled as low as 4% maintained his support at 6%, John Binkowski who was off the radar the entire campaign steadily climbed all the way through last night when he finished at 8%. Tammy Lee created the kind of excitement and momentum that is rarley seen, but unfortanatly the DFL doesn't lose in the 5th no matter who they run.

Last night expections were met, which is a sign that the Independence Party is no longer a third party. It may often finish third, but last night while not creating much excitement did confirm this party is here to stay as long as we want to keep it here, and based on the crowd last night, a decision by a few dozen people to hang it up will not kill this party like it might have eight years ago had Jesse Ventura been defeated.

The last 1460 days

About 1460 days ago the loss by Tim Penny inspired me to do everything I could in the following four years to create a different result last night. Unfortunately the result was the same, the Independence Party did not take back the Governors mansion, and when you lose the final #'s don't really mean a heck of a lot.

I can be proud that I went above and beyond what I expected of myself 1460 days ago, I can be proud that we ran a candidate far and beyond the kind of candidate I was expecting 1460 days ago, and I can be proud that this party is as credible as ever because of the things that have been done since Peter Hutchinson's campaign announcement 9 and a half months ago, by myself and countless others that are on board now to build this party going forward. I can be proud that our candidates for Congress in the 5th and 6th district were our best candidates for congress ever, and are ready to run again when the time is right. I can be proud that IRV passed in Minneapolis, and they choose our party to celebrate with. I can be grateful that the two candidates (Mike Hatch and Mary Kiffmeyer) who went out of their way to try to damage our party two years ago have been fired. And I can be proud I used my vote to choose the candidates I want to see in office, and not to try to damage another candidates. Did anyone else notice that our incredibly close race for Governor was decided by not 1 vote or 100 or 1,000, but 30,000 vote, it's a shame that the voters were driven by fear away from the candidate they wanted, and that voice doesn't come back for another 1460 days unless you are willing to get on the ground running tomorrow.

The drop from 16% to 6% in those 1460 days is disappointing, but elections are about a moment in time, movements happen 1460 days at a time, and there is no doubt the Independence Party movement has been moving forward these last 1460 days.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election day is here

I spent all evening and well into the night lit dropping for Tammy Lee and will be out again in a few hours to vote and then enjoy the final day on no sleep, which means around the time the first race is called I will have been up 40 straight hours.

Momentum appears to be on Tammy Lee's side going into the final hours with the racist Keith Ellison and the liberal Alan Fine doing nothing right, and the voters focusing in on this race late, so their could be a heck of a party tomorrow night, and no matter how little sleep I'm working on I intend to enjoy every minute of it.

Polls open in less then 3 hours and close in less then 17. Now is your one chance to do your part to fix our government, don't let anything or anybody get in the way of your opportunity to do your part in making this state and this country great again. You know who you want to represent you, so go to that ballot box and make your vote as loud as you can by voting for the candidates you want to see in power, and not the candidates you predict to see in power.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

5th CD poll

The #'s Keith Ellison 49 Alan Fine 24 Tammy Lee 22 Jay Pond 2

The bad news, people who actually believe in Alan Fine's liberal agenda will be tempted to stick with him, the good news Keith Ellison is under 50% and dropping. Tammy Lee continues to run the strongest campaign of the three, and is continuing to climb in the final days. The question is will this motivate Republicans to continue to support the liberal Fine, or will they see the glimmer of hope as Tammy Lee continues to climb and Ellison continues to drop while the Liberal Fine is simply a name next to an R. I still hold to my claim that if Ellison drops below 42% Tammy Lee wins, and now with this poll not really lighting any huge spark in any direction, it's abount doing the things that we've been doing all along.

One note while I think Survey USA is among the better pollsters they do limit undecided as much as possible so it's tough to say where the least certain votes are. Democrats, who see a 25-point lead over Fine with Tammy likely to surpass him, might now find it safe to vote for Lee, and the desire of Republicans to support the liberal Alan Fine has never been strong. It will be tough, but there is no doubt in my mind Tammy Lee will make a major stride toward Keith Ellison in the closing days of this race, and if the voters of the 5th district vote with courage she will win.

47 Hours until polls close

When you get this close to an election even lit drops are fun (after your done you think that anyways). I have breaking news Keith Ellison has a few volunteers on the ground. After dropping about 20 blocks worth of lit I headed down to St Paul, parked on Robert Street, and headed over to the Fitzgerald Theater. For the predebate partisan parties on the street corners that are always pure fun. Did you know were not gonna take it? No we aren’t gonna take it. We're not gonna take it anymore? I didn't hear much of the debate, but Robert was on his game from all accounts. The biggest news of the debate was Roberts’s stance on marijuana; he's for decriminalizing it as all rational people are.

The poll #'s for the 5th come out in 50 minutes on KSTP, this is huge. I expect good news for Tammy Lee, how good is anyone's guess at this point.

Final 3 days

Sunday is a big day for the final push lit drops, running all day for just about every campaign, contact the Tammy Lee or Peter Hutchinson campaign anytime between now and the election and I'm sure they'll be glad to get you some lit and maps.

Monday is all about visabity if you don't work normal hours the campaigns can use you during rush hour.

Tuesday vote, cause you never know what Puff Daddy meant by vote or die, also poll watchers in the 5th district might be needed cause you never know what a desperate campaign might try.

And Tuesday night enjoy the results, party like it's 1998 and don't get to bed until you see a check mark next to your favorite candidate’s name.

There is still a lot you can do in fact now is the best time to show your support so turn off the Vikings game, and get out their and make an impact. Oh and by the way I think some of you probably are getting a little sick and can't go into work Monday, and the best cure is to stand on a bridge and hold signs or walk from house to house dropping lit. What you do in these final days will decide the election in the 5th district, will ensure the Independence Party maintains major party status with no worries, and will bring more credibility to what feels like the only credible political party around.

Polls close in 59 hours

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wheres Keith

No Keith Ellison sighting at the University of Minnesota homecoming parade today, nor did he have a volunteer base promoting his campaign. No pressence at the dome this morning by the Ellison campaign either, and no real pressence at all be it lawn signs, rallies, TV ads or anything else. I understand he assumed victory after the primary, but as Tammy Lee is approaching him, and about to pass him you would think he would get his army of supporters active again.

You can see in the blogs the Ellison campaign is running scared as they make a coward like attempt to lable Tammy Lee and her supporters as racisists. Keith himself doesn't seem to get it. Of course this is the guy that doesn't understand taxes are due April 15th or that we have parking laws, and when you break them you need to send a check somewhere, so maybe Keith simply is unaware that their is a general election to go along with the primary election.

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Rest of my endorsements

No surprises here

Governor Peter Hutchinson
US Senate Robert Fitzgerald
Congress 5th district Tammy Lee
State Auditor Lucy Gerold
Attorney General John James
Secretary of State Joel Spoonhiem

And my 2nd choices cause why the heck not promote Instant Run-off Voting, while at the same time reveal that I don't fit into the myth theories that a vote for Hutchinson is otherwise a vote for Mike Hatch

Governor Tim Pawlenty
US Senate Amy Klobuchar
Congress 5th district I suppose Jay Pond although outside of Tammy Lee I don't see a competent candidate on the ballot
State Auditor Rebecca Otto
Attorney General Jeff Johnson
Secretary of State Bruce Kennedy

Bill Loesch for State House 51B

For the 2nd time in my life I will be able to proudly vote for a Democrat or Republican candidate.

Bill Loesch Republican candidate for State House in 51B (currently held by Connie Bernardy), is a strong fiscal conservative, and a social moderate. Bill represent all that is right in politics, he has had years of public service behind him. I am hopping political opportunist and lawn sign whore (that word seems to be fair game in political discussions these days) Tom Tillberry does not get a second free pass to elected office after running unopposed as a write in candidate for Fridley School board after realizing nobody had filed for the seat last year.

Unfortunately in the race for State Senate in district 51 I have no option but to write in myself in the race between Stadium whore and current Senator Don Betztold and anti gay rights whore (hey I really like that word, thanks Attorney General Hatch) Pam Wolf.

Round One Sunday 10 PM

Results of Round 1 of the 5th CD race will be revealed by KSTP on the 10 PM news Sunday November 5th. That make believe 30% Republican base theory some are suggesting will be shattered with these poll results, securing the Republican vote for Tammy Lee to close whatever gap might exist between her and Keith Ellison.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A poll on the way

According to Carter in the comment section, Survey USA along with KSTP is currently conducting a poll on the 5th congressional district race between Jay Pond, Alan Fine, Keith Ellison, and Tammy Lee. This may be the most significant poll in Minnesota of the 2006 election season, and certainty seems to be the most anticipated.

This poll should put an end to the argument that Alan Fine has an oppurtunity for victory as either Tammy Lee will be well ahead of Fine, or Ellison will be so far ahead that neither Lee or Ellison have much hope.

What's a tax?

While Tim Pawlenty makes a circus about Judi Dutchers lack of knowledge on E-85, it seems as if he is equally confused as to what a tax is.

Tough to say whats worse

Judi Dutcher not knowing what E-85 is, or Tim Pawlenty acting like her lack of knowledge on the subject is a scandal. This might have been a great story for the Pawlenty campaign but the way he conducted himself today was absolutely pathetic, and showed just how little hope he has left. It would be great if the voting public would relize what kind of choices the Democrats and Republicans are offering up and just say no by voting for Peter Hutchinson. Vote responsibly or get the results you deserve.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A voters responsibility

No matter how many try to sway you otherwise a voter is only being responsible if they vote for their first choice. The Democrats and Republicans will beg independents to leave what they know is the right choice so that the evil Hatchlenty does not win, as we all know Hatchlenty will kill babies and rape seniors and so it is up to you to vote for Hatchlenty in order to avoid this scenario.

Elections are not games, they effect real people. If you vote based on the polls you in effect give your vote away, and allow others to control multiple votes. Votes are the most effective tool in our system, by voting for your 2nd choice you in effect silencing yourself, as well as one other person who has the conviction to stay with your 1st choice.

Instant run off voting exists, it can be implemented at anytime with the approval of the current power brokers, their avoidance of IRV should tell you who they think Minnesotan's first choice should be, it's the same first choice you've already concluded.

On November 7th I highly recommend you go out and vote for your first choice. If not the idea of spending an extra 20 minutes with the family working a little overtime or getting a little exercise seem to make more sense then going out and approving of more shutdowns, more stadium taxes, and more bitterness at the capital.

Way to go John Kerry

I don't know if he understands politics, but his joke yesterday included the word Iraq which means the current troops. He can call Republicans hacks all day, they are, but the biggest hack in this nation today is John Kerry, and it's shameful that he continues to play politics at such a level when he was not elected to the US Senate for that purpose.

The members of the military I know are some of the most promising young people I know. They have the convictions to serve our country. We can find individual cases where members of the military joined for the wrong reasons, but the vast majority joined for the right reasons. Maybe the politics of our military members will be different then those in the anti war crowd, but you can come to the opposite point of view without being lazy or stupid.