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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Final 3 days

Sunday is a big day for the final push lit drops, running all day for just about every campaign, contact the Tammy Lee or Peter Hutchinson campaign anytime between now and the election and I'm sure they'll be glad to get you some lit and maps.

Monday is all about visabity if you don't work normal hours the campaigns can use you during rush hour.

Tuesday vote, cause you never know what Puff Daddy meant by vote or die, also poll watchers in the 5th district might be needed cause you never know what a desperate campaign might try.

And Tuesday night enjoy the results, party like it's 1998 and don't get to bed until you see a check mark next to your favorite candidate’s name.

There is still a lot you can do in fact now is the best time to show your support so turn off the Vikings game, and get out their and make an impact. Oh and by the way I think some of you probably are getting a little sick and can't go into work Monday, and the best cure is to stand on a bridge and hold signs or walk from house to house dropping lit. What you do in these final days will decide the election in the 5th district, will ensure the Independence Party maintains major party status with no worries, and will bring more credibility to what feels like the only credible political party around.

Polls close in 59 hours


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