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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Star Tribune on Tammy Lee

Since nobody is doing a poll on the 5th district race the bias Star Tribune is moving in on Tammy Lee. In describing Tammy's chances Rochelle Olsen cites the fact that Peter Hutchinson and Robert Fitzgerald are polling in the single digits. I'll take a bias Star Tribune poll under polling Tammy by 10% over that BS line. The Star Tribune showed their hand in endorsing Keith Ellison, for whatever reason they don't believe in responsibility. The Star Tribune knows where the #'s in this race are, Rochelle Olsen has talked to those in the Ellison camp who are running scared of what the internal polls show, a wave of false rumors are spreading from the Ellison campaign in regards to Tammy Lee as they desperately try to hang on to their lead. This race is about to get ugly, and Keith Ellison has the Star Tribune doing his dirty work.


Blogger Carter said...

KSTP is conducting a poll for the 5CD contest today. Results should be published soon at www.surveyusa.com. This should finally inject a dose of reality into the question of whether Ellison has this election locked up as the DFL would like everyone to believe. Things are about to get very interesting.

Blogger mike said...

At this late stage I'm more then happy to hear about that. A poll a month ago wouldn't be the best thing for the Lee campaign, and no poll probably wouldn't be the best thing. If the #'s are where I think and hope they are she will only build off this, and if the #'s are short of that, at least the election night dissapointment will be avoided.

With this much at stake I wouldn't want the poll in the hands of anyone but KSTP and Survey USA, because despite Mike Hatch's BS their is no more fair news orginization in this state then KSTP.


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