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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Only one fiscal conservitive

While he doesn't attend to hack away at vital programs, Peter Hutchinson showed in tonights governor debate he is the only true fiscal conservitive in the race. While Tim Pawlenty talks about which taxes he will shift around, he does not have an agenda that cuts speanding, and lets face it Mike Hatch spending proposals would put us in debt that goes well beyond any uncollected tax dollars he can track down.

Over the course of Tim Pawlenty's term spending has gone up, Tim Pawlenty has not been able to cut the waste as he promised in his 2002 campaign. Tim Pawlenty did not veto a tax to pay for sports stadiums as he had promised in 2002. And now as Peter Hutchinson is cutting into his base Tim Pawlenty is attacking Peter Hutchinson on immigration related issues, as he can't possibly challange Peter Hutchinson on fiscal matters. While I dread Mike Hatch benifitting from Peter Hutchinson's candidacy, I see no good reason for a fiscal conservitive to support liberal Tim Pawlenty.


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