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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Alan Fine is scrambling

Former Independence Party candidate wannabe Alan Fine is left scrambling to maintain his small Republican base in the 5th district. No matter where the truth lies in his dispute with the Star Tribune, he has handled the situation incredibly poorly, and Republicans are starting to relize the oppurtunity to defeat Keith Ellison is not with Alan Fine.

This could not be seen more clearer then last night when Tammy Lee was on with Jason Lewis, and former Independence Party candidate wannabe Alan Fine called in to claim his conservitive credentials. As we saw early in this race Alan was playing the middle of the road well and he was at that time the alternitive to the DFL, but now he's left simply hoping he can finish with a respectable showing maintaining the conservitive vote. There is a lot of evidence that a good chunk of that conservitive vote has left him. Meanwhile Tammy Lee continues to gain across the board support.

It looks like Alan Fine is getting what he wants, after trying to be a 3rd party candidate in 2002 he is succesfully making himself into a third party candidate in everyones mind this time. I guess we'll have to wait to get those machine guns on top of the IDS.


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