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Monday, October 02, 2006

Patty Wetterling doesn't understand the Fair Tax

In Patty Wetterling’s latest ad she accuses Michele Bachmann of supporting the Fair Tax. First of all Bachmann does not support the Fair Tax so right there Patty Wetterling is a liar, the only candidate in the race that openly supports the Fair Tax is John Binkowski.

The Fair Tax is a conversion of the income tax to a sales Tax, meaning assuming normal spending the overall level of taxes a person pays remains relatively equal, but Patty Wetterling is not willing to tell you that, instead she wants to talk about the fact that we will pay an additional 23% when we make purchases. Of course basic economics will tell us this is not the truth, when we reduce the income tax we also reduce the price of getting goods to the consumer meaning the base price will go down. Under the Fair Tax the American worker will take home 23% more pay, and will pay something slightly less then 23% more then current levels when making purchases, a net gain for all working Americans.

The other aspect of the Fair Tax that Patty Wetterling continues to lie about is the fact that it is not a regressive proposal. She would love to convince the voters that the fair tax is somehow unfair and damaging to the poor, but she doesn't want to let the voters know the true details of the proposal, notably that a cost of living "Rebate" will be issued to all tax payers.

Why does Patty Wetterling have to misrepresent her opponents and their proposals? If Patty Wetterling can't win on the truth why is she running?


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