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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The path to victory

Unfortunately I have to counter Chris Truscott's claim that Peter Hutchinson can't win and will help reelect Tim Pawlenty. First of all while I don't care much I'm starting to feel, and poll data seems to reflect that a Hutchinson campaign that falls short is going to mean a Governor Hatch, and that’s not something I want to see. That being said I don't care to much who finishes second behind Peter Hutchinson, and I remain optimistic at the end of this campaign the voters are going to see one clear choice and again see a reason to vote.

Jesse Ventura did it with a lot of young people and while some will say they were acting like fools, you can't underestimate how many of them, how many of us, went out to vote for Jesse because he represented a vision for the future. Sure he did some things that were not in our personal best interest at the time, but it was clear he was looking out for all Minnesotan's from young children to seniors, and wasn't going to worry about playing it safe when he had an opportunity to do what was right.

The new generation of young people is going to see things in Peter Hutchinson that excite them. They are going to see real vision and a real options. They will feel they can be heard once again. Peter also has the added luxury of 29 year old Robert Fitzgerald running for US Senate as well as 27 year old John Binkowski bidding for the most competitive congressional seat in the state these two candidates will help drive the young vote to the Independence Party. We also are going to have debates, and while I would like to see the media make the call on which debates are on rather then the Governor the people of Minnesota will seek out these debates and use them to make an educated decision. After hearing the first debate and the response from the media, I have to say Peter Hutchinson is going to do what Jesse did and Tim Penny didn't, he is going to get the voters on his side in the debates. When that happens the polls will start to jump from 9 to 13 to 18 to 25 to 31 to victory on election day.

Now if we want to worry about who finishes second, I'm ready to have that conversation as it is an important factor in determining what mandate Hutchinson is given.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has JB been working the community college circuit and visiting St. Cloud State?

Probably a lot of votes out there for him.

Blogger mike said...

John was at St Cloud State the first week of school meeting with students. From the sounds of it theres a little bit of a student orginization up their these days. When I was there in 2003 we were lucky to have one person willing to start one up, and I was lucky enough to see the flyer and start my involvement with the party.


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