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Monday, September 18, 2006

It's opening day again

Didn't I just post about the opening day of Spring training for the Twins? I think I said something about how they would be pretty good, but quickly relized how wrong I was, hmm maybe that was a long time ago.

Anyways the Wild play there first preseason game Tuesday night, and look to be headed for a great season. The offseason additions of Pavel Demitra along with Saint Cloud State's Mark Parrish are certain to elevate the offense to near elite levels, and the defense seems to be seeing an upgrade as well with Kim Johnnson and Kieth Carney coming in. In my opinion goaltending can only get better due to the absence of the extreamly overrated Dwayne Roloson who finally figured out how to win a game in Edmonton. While we might not get as great of a season out of Manny Fernendez this year as last we absulutly should get more wins out of the backup spot.

Overall I would make a similar prediction as I did for the Twins, this team is an absulute contender but it will take a few breaks for them to go all the way.

In any event I look forward to a great night watching Wild hockey again, and a great season to come. As great and incomplete as the Twins run is I'm ready for hockey again.


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