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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Todays Governor debate

The clear loser today was Mike Hatch, who was unconfident in his statements the entire hour, a complete jerk in the way he managed the clock (there are points that need to be made when the clock runs out, but you wrap it up and make damn sure it doesn't happen again on the next question let alone every question).

Peter Hutchinson hammered home his message with wit and charisma that made the MPR broadcasters compare his debate style to former Independence Party governor Jesse Ventura. His two opponents did not counter the substance of his message even when it was critical that they rebound from Hutchinson statement.

Pawlenty was rock solid, this guy is Governor for a reason, but he didn't play it completely safe, and had a few did he really go there moments. He was on the attack on Hutchinson, which suggest he see's Hutchinson as a real player in this race for those not satisfied with the fiscal policy of the governor and the overall direction of the Republican party.

I think Pawlenty is the overwhelming favorite but if he should happen to lose it would be to Hutchinson not Hatch.


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