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Monday, September 11, 2006

Vote Endorsed today

Even though a primary is not an election and should not in any way be treated like one, our silly laws give citizens the opportunity to muck up what the party delegates do, and while some will consider that a good thing it is not. The only way you can fix the problem of polarizing parties is to not vote for any candidates who run with the parties you see as part of the problem. If in November you intend to support the party system then you should do your part in the primary to support only endorsed candidates.

In the case of the Independence Party the three endorsed candidates facing primary challenges are Peter Hutchinson for Governor, John James for Attorney General, and Robert Fitzgerald for US Senate. An upset in either of those three races could be a fatal blow to this party as none of the challengers show any sign of being ready for the challenge ahead of them should they move on to November.

In the other somewhat competitive races vote Hatch, Ellison, and Kelley on the DFL side and Pawlenty on the Republican side. The time to support others was in March at the cacuses, and moving forward our of cacuses as the dynamics of these races changed.


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