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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Whats Alan Fine afraid of?

Alan Fine's website was relaunched in the last few days, and for a while it was linking to my blog again because in a certain context I said something that was halfway decent about him once. The Alan Fine campaign seems to be pretty dang proud of my "endorsement" yet for some odd reason they once again decided it wasn't such a good idea to link to this blog.

A small portion of my quote is on the front page of Alan Fine's web site yet Alan Fine would rather people not visit this blog. If I'm not a real supporter as I clearly am not maybe Alan Fine and his campaign staff would be wise not to include a quote from me on his web site, let alone the front page of his web site. We have enough liars in Washington as it is.

The truth is after the DFL primary this race comes down to two candidates, Tammy Lee and the DFL primary winner. Alan Fine's dog and pony show might get him an OK portion of the vote, but it won't put him anywhere near victory.


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