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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blogs on Peter Hutchinson

There are blogs out there that write something new about the same decade-old events every few days in the most vicious, misinformed way possible. There are other blogs that believe because Peter Hutchinson has spent most of the money he has raised thus far, he couldn't possibly be a good governor. This completely ignores the fact his opponents get free media, free plane trips, and free office resources to get their message out to the voters.

Then, there are rational bloggers who understand that principled people doing principled things should be respected. When we elect a new president in two years, blogs will be completely insignificant because the public is smart enough to realize 90% of bloggers are agenda-driven liars. But if more blogs were rational, we would all benefit.


Blogger Tony said...

Well, I strive to be in that 10%...

Blogger mike said...

Hey if the Twins take a downturn I'm hoping an agenda driven liar will be able to convince me they are great.


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