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Monday, August 28, 2006

Republicans don't respect Alan Fine

I stopped by the WCCO booth at the State Fair this afternoon to watch John Binkowski's interview with Jack Rice. Of course, WCCO radio is located right next to the Republican Party booth so its supporters get a chance to counter whatever they hear from the neighbor's airways. In their typical tacky, Republican Michele Bachmann-supporting way, they proudly held up their Michele Bachmann signs. Proudly acknowledging the camera as I shot this picture.

The level of support for Alan Fine among Republicans clearly is not anywhere close. In fact, even after realizing a supporter of the opposition was taking photos of what was going on at the Republican Party booth, they let this Alan Fine sign that was leaning against a table leg sit on the ground right next to their feet for several minutes, even after they saw me take this photo.

Republicans can proudly support Michele Bachmann because, like her or hate her, she is a real Republican who speaks intelligently to the issues Republicans support. Republicans not only can't support Alan Fine, they also couldn't care less to even show him the respect of taking his sign off the ground in plain view of those of us at the WCCO booth. They don't care because Alan Fine is not a real Republican, is not running a real campaign, and cannot intelligently discuss the views of the Republican Party or even his own views, for that matter. The truth is the Republican volunteers secretly hope his quest for 15% does not go well because they know that Tammy Lee is the most realistic threat to taking Minnesota's 5th Congressional seat out of DFL hands, and is the only candidate in the district proposing fiscal sanity.


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