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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Robert Fitzgerald/Independence Party rally

I've been discussing this idea with Robert at the fair the last two days, and I think I have him sold on it now. Most likely sometime next Saturday, September 2nd, we will have a rally at the Independence Party booth with Robert Fitzgerald, Tammy Lee, and John Binkowski - Peter Hutchinson could potentially be included in this as well.

If you support Robert and are planning on coming to the fair only once or twice, keep this in mind: If your plans don't work Saturday or we change direction in the next day or two, then Friday September 1st is a great day to come support Robert as he will be debating Klobuchar and Kennedy at the MPR booth at 11 AM, and he will be doing a radio interview over at WCCO radio with Jack Rice at 2:30. Again, those are both Friday, September 1st. Otherwise, Robert is out at the Independence Party booth every day.

Again, we intend to do a rally Saturday, September 2nd, and are looking to get the kind of crowd that makes even the crew at Meet the Press notice. More details will be seen here in the coming days, as well as at the Independence Party booth at the fair.

See you there!


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