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Monday, August 21, 2006

Let me introduce myself...

Hi. I will be contributing to Minnesota's in the Middle, but I've been busy lately and for some reason, I haven't been too opinionated either. This is unusual for me. As you know, Mike may be blogging less due to his new role within Robert Fitzgerald's U.S. Senate campaign. So that means I have to become my regular, opinionated self, as we don't want this blog to die off.

In the coming weeks, I will no doubt shamelessly promote John Binkowski, the Independence Party's (IP) endorsed candidate for Congress in the Sixth district, as I am a constituent of the Sixth. I will also be posting all upcoming events (and contact info) for the IP candidates so that you don't have to visit all the individual websites to find out how you can help!

Also, I want to strongly encourage all of you to contact the media when you see a lack of media coverage of the IP candidates. This will be an ongoing issue and when a specific instance occurs, I hope to post the contact information of the specific media offender so you can call or email to demand proper coverage!

After I post this entry, I will be posting two more: one will contain the text of the latest email I received from the Team Minnesota campaign. The other will contain information on how to volunteer at the IP booth at the Minnesota State Fair. Please consider giving a few hours of your time to the IP at the Fair!


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