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Saturday, August 12, 2006

A nice suprise

Independence Party Chair Jim Moore was included on Almanac's political panel Friday night. Even with a larger than normal panel, Jim was able to get the floor when he needed it, promoting Robert Fitzgerald among other things. This type of group appears to be the perfect setting for Jim, as he didn't have to deal with the instant back-stabbing and often false comebacks he would get had he been with the chairs of the Democrat and Republican parties.

Hopefully, Tom Hauser of At Issue on KSTP continues to do a good job covering all major parties by picking up on this and adding a third voice to his Face-Off segment.

While others in the media would rather deny the existence of a third major party, some are really taking their role of influence seriously and doing everything they can to be fair to all major parties. I think the voters indicated this is what they wanted when the Independence Party received major party status a decade ago (it's been retained ever since, just in case anyone in the comment section was wondering). Election success for the party has trended upward ever since, even if Ventura's early success and Penny's defeat may give the perception the party went backwards in 2002.


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