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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Baby formula allowed?

Why the heck are we not going all out to stop terrorism. Once you make one exception you eventually make all exceptions. If we don't trust our intelligence enough to allow grandma to bring a bottle of water then we shouldn't trust our intelligence enough to allow mom to bring some baby formula. If there’s a threat then lets make the sacrifice, and either leave the baby on the ground, or feed the child the natural way, and if other passengers are offended by that to bad. This country didn't change after 9/11, and it is clear the recent events also will not create meaningful change.

It's to bad our government doesn't give the citizens the challenge that they are ready and willing to take on, and this isn't the only issue where this problem exists. While our citizens are very courageous our leaders are cowards in the fight on terrorism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's to bad our government doesn't give the citizens the challenge that they are ready and willing to take on,

What challange is this that the Citizens are ready for? Getting blown up in a sealed tube over the ocean? Boy, that sounds like a challange we all want to take on!

Blogger mike said...

No the challange of not bringing baby formula. I hardley think tasting a potential explosive is going to send a terrorist to their immidiate death. By the time a problem arises the flight is in the air, and the explosive is passed on to a second terrorist with the diversion of a potential medical situation making things very easy.

Remember sometimes your political opponents can at the same time be to your left and right. Common sense doesn't choose sides.

The citezens of this country can figure out how to care for their child without bringing baby formula on an airplane. Heres an idea how about the airline handels baby formula just like they already handle vodka? If your baby has special needs arrange them with the airline when you buy the ticket. Things just aren't so complicated that we have to let our guard down.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There (notice the correct usage) are days when I find it very hard to take you seriously considering the abhorrent number of grammatical errors.

Blogger mike said...

There are just some comments that you need to put your name to. What do you say to the blogger that can't do math? Or the guy above who has no commen sense whatsoever, who happens to go by the same name as you by the way.

It's just silly to jump on a bloggers occasional misuse of the word there especially when all versions read the same, and the message is what matters.

Do you want me to shut the blog down because my English isn't perfect, or is it that I promote a political viewpoint that hurts your favorite candidate? What is it Dan?


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