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Thursday, August 10, 2006

More on HatchUnhinged

A little more news on the DFL desperation blog aimed to save the failing Hatch campaign. They are apparently not confident enough in their attacks to allow comments on the blog, although Dan’s other blog does allow comments. The inconsistency speaks loudly at the desperation of the new attack blog.

While Mike Hatch continues to clearly violate the ethics of campaigning today, they want to attack Peter Hutchinson because he didn't say "the sky is falling the sky is falling your all going to die" in one memo during a short recession in the early 90's. We're to the point with Hatch where we don't want to bore you with every little detail of his unhinging campaign. Needless to say poll #'s are going in one direction for Hatch, and another for Hutchinson. And I think I'm hearing Dan loud and clear, he wants to see Tim Pawlenty defeated, I can think of the one and only way to do it, and it's not for the DFL to attack Hutchinson, it's for the weaker candidate to eventually step aside. I doubt that will happen, but the voters must understand they won't defeat Pawlenty unless they vote for a candidate capable of doing so.


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