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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Binkowski vs Bachmann Round 1

Yankees Red Sox, Raiders Broncos, Lakers Celtics, North Stars Blackhawk’s. Nothing is more exciting then seeing two heated rivals facing off one on one. Binkowski and Bachmann are the best kind of rivals, cross town rivals who both rise to the occasion the debate setting has to offer. While Bachmann is by no means an effective legislator or elite parade marcher she can contend with Binkowski in the debate setting. On Iraq they will differ. On the marriage issue they won't be able to contain the passion behind their differences. On non cable fiscal matters they will be very similar, they will be able to agree completely that government must be held accountable for every dollar spent that doesn't go towards Michele Bachmann's cable bill.

Tonight in Forest Lake will be the first of many one on one battles between the two candidates who have opinions on the issues in this race. While the voters decided who goes to Washington, winning tonight will be a critical element towards achieving that goal. This ain't debating Keith Ellison or Mike Erlandson, this is the major leagues, and John Binkowski is going to prove he belongs tonight. The expectations on both sides will be high, one candidate is going to have to go home dissapointed.


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