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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Saw Martin Sabo at the Twins game the other night with an I like Mike button of course referring to Mike Erlandson. Martin Sabo's endorsement is important, but Martin Sabo wearing a button at a Twins game is ineffective as nobody that doesn't already have their mind made up knows what Martin Sabo looks like.

Saw a Twins fan today with a Peter Hutchinson/Team Minnesota button, yay for people that aren't me supporting the Independence Party in public.

Anyone else think teenager when they see Amy Klobuchar's campaign ads?

Anyone else think Brady Bunch when they watch Mark Kennedy campaign ad's?

If you do does that mean Robert Fitzgerald is the most mature looking major party candidate in the race?

Local TV news sometimes leaves you less informed then you were when you started watching.

Either Matt Garza isn't as good as the hype, or Twins management is being ridicules. Mike Smith? Who the heck is Mike Smith?


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