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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thats not good enough

A letter to the editor suggest that because Tim Pawlenty admits his mistakes he is a good governor.

A stand-up guy

Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Hutchinson said, "This is [Gov. Tim Pawlenty's] M.O., to stand up and admit he made a mistake and say he'll do better" (Star Tribune, July 26).

In my book, taking responsibility for past decisions, reassessing the current situation, and applying lessons learned in moving forward are all hallmarks of an effective leader.

Pawlenty should be honored to be accused of demonstrating them. Would Hutchinson have us expect anything less from our governor?


It is a good thing the Governor can admit his mistakes, however the mistakes themselves are a major problem. We don't let people out of jail because they say they won't do it again. Employers don't give employees this many 2nd chances. This is like the good for you former smokers or alcoholics get, yes it's good, but those that never had the problem while never getting the same praise are more deserving of it.


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