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Saturday, July 29, 2006

For those of you still confused

For those of you still confused by the fact the Independence Party doesn't fade away, or somehow merge with the DFL (as they allege our candidates are identical to DFL candidates) we have this. As long as DFL endorsed candidates don't have the most basic level of respect for the people they serve, the Independence Party will be here, and it will thrive. The arrogance of the Attorney General is embarrassing.

The history of "third parties" coming for an election cycle or two and then fading includes one basic element we don't see in Minnesota. Usually when a "third party" emerges and gains support the other parties change their ways. There are very few examples of major parties ignoring the voters for so long when a "third party" is challenging, but there will be a point of no return for the DFL. The people of Minnesota aren't going to put up with this for much longer before they decide that the "third party" is one of the two parties they will give strong consideration towards supporting, while the major party will be viewed as a "third party" and eventually fade away.

I care more about the greater good then I do about my political party, the Partisan in me however says keep it up Mike Hatch, keep it up DFL. We thrive off your arrogance.


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