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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

US Senate prediction

Do the #'s 37,34 and 28 mean anything to you? Those are the final #'s in the 1998 Governors race in which the Democrat started with a significant lead, the Republican had mediocre support, and the Independence Party candidate was in the background until the final weeks. If you look inside the poll #'s it is apparent that Amy Klobachar does not have solid support, Mark Kennedy should remain stable throughout the race, and Robert Fitzgerald has the potential to see the climb.

He's no Ventura, but he has enough to offer to get the dumb guy vote (lets vote for the guy that’s not even old enough, lets vote for the guy with the crazy bus), and has a Ventura like ability to get people behind him who take their politics seriously.

The recent Survey USA poll confirms this race is wide open, and thus I am ready to make the prediction I've always wanted to make.

Robert Fitzgerald 37%
Mark Kennedy 34%
Amy Klobuchar 28%


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