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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stillwater Parade

What an awsome turnout for John Binkowski at Lumberjacks, close to 50 folks showed up to march with John, including his brother Mike who dressed up as Abe Lincoln riding along side on a motor bike. As Poka music played in the trailing vehical we kept up the clapping and the enthusiasim the entire route which is an easy thing to do when you have about 30 people in their 20's leading the way. Who says politics isn't fun? Thats right I'm talking to you, Robert Fitzgeralds mom. Speaking of Robert Fitzgerald I think I'm going to relax after finishing up this post and watch his big time TV debut from this afternoon.

No reports on any fights between the Bachmann and Wetterling camps by the way, although I heared Bachmann got sprayed down pretty good by a hose.


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