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Friday, July 21, 2006

Rondell White

I made up a post during the All-Star break regarding my preseason Twins prediction. Because of a glith it didn't get published and I never got around to publishing it later. I feel obligated to post my thoughts on Rondell White as a week and a half later his story has completly changed.

Preseason: DH Rondell White not as big of a name as the other options but possibly the best of the free agents available should have a solid season even if he misses a handful of games here and there due to injury.

All-Star Break: Rondell White was the reason the Twins faded so quickly I still have hope for him to have a stretch where he can hit .350 for a few weeks, but if he does that for some other team after the trade deadline that’s fine with me.

Today: One of many reasons this team has a shot to win the world series.


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