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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pawlenty to lose some support

Walt Brown has filed as a member of the quite raising taxes party. Don't think I'll see any Democrats cry about this one. In 2002 a similar stunt was used by Democrat Sam Garst in the 2nd district congressional race and it was good for 4.33% of the vote.

Best bet is this guy is a Democrat, if thats the case I'll be waiting to hear Mike Hatch shame the guy.


Anonymous walt e. brown said...


Why not contact Walt Brown before you bet that he is a Democrat. I believe there are a lot of Democrats and other non-Republicans who will also vote for "Quit Raising Taxes".

Walt E. Brown

Blogger mike said...

Mostly because Walt Brown doesn't want anyone to know he's a Democrat.

Anonymous walt e. brown said...

You are funny. I want every one to know that I am not a Democrat. I expect many Minnesotans to vote for me because they agree with my party name and policy statement - "Quit Raising Taxes!"


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