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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Final Independence Party Filers

5 more filed this afternoon. I don't know anything about the first 3

Senate District 21 Brian Betzman
Attorney General Jual Carlos Carlson
Senate district 17 Bill Neuman
Governor Pam Ellison (principled, energetic, but not ready for prime time)
State Rep 4A Adam Steele (full of rage, irrational) no chance at endorsement

That gives us 4 candidates for Attorney General, 3 US Senate candidates, and 2 candidates for Governor with everyone else unopposed. 7 candidates for State House and 7 for state senate (both Adam Steele and Bill Dahn both can put a big NO ENDORSEMENT next to their names already leaving us with 6 real candidates for both state house and senate).

We also have 3 candidates for congress unfortanatly again 1 with a clear NO ENDORSEMENT next to his name in Doug Williams. As well as a candidate for State Auditor, and Secratary of State.

It should also be noted Bruce Kennedy is a small i for SOS who will be more then welcome in this party at the end of the campaign, Greg Mikkelson is running for congress again this time as a Republican in the 1st district and will be welcomed back. I'm also hearing good things about small i Kevin Kelleher in SD 31. Overall a dissapointment in #'s and quality on the local level, but with Tammy Lee and Peter Hutchinson leading the way we have a good crop of candidates for the big media races. It's a make or break year for this party, and be it 20 candidates or 230 candidates we need to see at least one victory or the party will have to reevaluate itself heading into 2008. Right now theres no reason to be to high, but no reason to be to low either. We have something to work with, now we just have to work it.


Anonymous chris pfeifer said...

Mike, I am Chris Pfeifer, one of the too few IP candidates (3a). I would be glad to respond to any questions you or any of your readers may have. One thing to clear up: in a previous writting you said you had the impression that I might be connected to two other IP candidates. My website, which is under construction, does indeed seem to give that idea. The impression is wrong. The links on the website will eventually be offered to all registered candidates from those other districts.

Blogger mike said...

I've left a few questions for you in another post, hope to see your responses.


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