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Monday, July 17, 2006

Tammy Lee files/final day of filling hopes

The last of the Independence party endorsed candidates filed today. Tammy Lee running is running a strong campaign to pick up the pieces from the DFL mess in the 5th CD and pull off the upset.

There's at least one reasonable candidate I expect to file, and the last day usually brings us some of the more interesting surprises. I'm hoping for a few, especially a real candidate for congress in the 2nd CD. The recent polls might make the Independence Party look a little more 3rd party like, and a little less major party like, but it is the only real option for those that seek an efficient government and a level playing field.

When the debate on global warming is dumbed down to citing the daily temperature we know we have no leadership. When the debate on social security is dumbed down to the point where we can't try to solve the problem because there are some aspects of any solution that aren't all that enjoyable we know we don't have real leadership. When the transportation debate isn't about unclogging our roads, but instead using phrases like Choo-Choo and using observations from a glance at a light rail car to back up our opinion we know we don't have real leadership. Lifes problems aren't simple to solve, but they become easier to solve if you actually look at reality instead of playing political games. We need more leaders and less politician. A leader is born, a politician is a very experienced individual who lacks leadership. Robert Fitzgerald is a born leader as are Tammy Lee, John Binkowski and Peter Hutchinson.


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