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Monday, July 17, 2006

Federal candidates need your support

Robert Fitzgerald at 3% in the polls is only 28% behind Mark Kennedy who has spent nearly 1,000 times as much thus far. Robert Fitzgerald is also polling near Peter Hutchinson. While that is mostly because the Hutchinson campaign is not where we want it to be it gives people a chance to evaluate the best way to support the Independence Party. This party has had a presence in the Governors race, but the core of this party cares about federal issues, where each and every Independence Party candidate has had clear vision of something much greater.

Tim Pawlenty has been an OK governor, Mike Hatch would be an OK governor although he would make Jesse Ventura look like the pope on the jerk meter. We absolutely need to strive to do better, and that requires that we elect Peter Hutchinson, but on the federal level we have a different story. Mark Kennedy has been a pathetic congressman, and the Democrats in Washington have shown no signs of following the advice of Tim Penny or even Bill Clinton bringing back fiscal sanity and a vision for the future. What’s worse? The prospects of Michele Bachmann and either Keith Ellison or Mike Erlandson. None of those three posses a single quality that makes for a good leader.

Without doing whatever it takes to elect Robert Fitzgerald, Tammy Lee, and John Binkowski we fail to live up to the standards a democracy such as ours requires. John Binkowski and Robert Fitzgerald are about to jump start their fundraising efforts. Tammy Lee has done well for herself the last few months raising over $50,000 Lets hope we can see that $50,000 level matched by Fitzgerald and Binkowski sooner then later, and Tammy Lee can roll past the $100,000 mark at the same time.


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