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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Campaign of issues

I received a comment from someone who I have no reason not to believe was the son of US Senate candidate Stephen Williams. The comment explained his fathers reasons for running in the primary, notably that he did not see enough in Robert Fitzgerald not to run.

Fair enough endorsement or not there is always room for criticism or disagreement. The main criticism seems to be that Robert's campaign is not focused on the issues. This is absolutely true if you go to Roberts campaign site you get a very limited feel for what he is focused on and how he seeks to accomplish whatever goals he has. This will be something Robert will need to improve on in the upcoming months, but by no means will it lose him significant support if a complete set of his positions are not up by next week or even next month.

I have had the privilege of spending hours talking to Robert Fitzgerald, listening to his speeches on several occasion and witnessing his interaction with voters, the latter of which I also have had the privilege of witnessing from Stephen. This experience has given me the confidence that Robert has a full understanding of the issues in front of him, is easily able to convey his stance on a moments notice, and seems to be in line with what most Minnesotan's want.

We all wish that politics was as simple as Stephen Williams would desire, where you read a few position statements from all the candidates and make your decision, but the delegates of the Independence Party are all to aware you have to back up your grasp of the issues with a willingness to learn, a willingness to build relationships, and a willingness to represent Minnesotans from all walks of life. Robert Fitzgerald won endorsement because he is a complete candidate. A candidate with the potential to compete, and a candidate the Independence party can be proud of. This 29 year old never misses an opportunity to take on great responsibility, and he will take the race for US Senate as his greatest responsibility to date.

I do hope that Williams continues to challenge Robert Fitzgerald on the issues, as the issues are what will make or break this campaign. While Robert can probably expect to coast to victory in the primary he shouldn't and won't take that attitude. He takes the opposition very seriously and that opposition has the opportunity and responsibility to make certain we get the most out of Robert Fitzgerald.


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