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Sunday, July 09, 2006

US Senate challanges

With the emergence of a second challanger to Robert Fitzgerald, a third that I expect, and 10 more days o filing it is clear that some of these folks think Robert Fitzgerald is an easy target. While an increasing # of challangers should water down the potential for an upset, you never know where some of thse challanges might come from. On first glance Robert brings forth this kind of reaction, in fact the first contact I had with Robert was to this effect.

This could very well be a good thing. Every year a couple crazys looking for an oppurtunity to make a name for themselves file under the IP. If they can all can be pulled into the US Senate race they will not be able to represent us in any way come November. As for higher quality candidates challanging Robert that won't happen. If you were a quality candidate you knew the time to run as an IP candidate came prior to the endorsing convention. Some may be better then others, but the media will not give an IP challanger any play so Robert has no worries.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My father is Stephen Williams and well I can not speak for him I am relatively sure that he doesn’t feel that Robert Fitzgerald is going to be an easy target. Nor does he feel that he will win the primaries. I am relatively certain that the reason why my dad is still running is because he morally can not give his support to Robert Fitzgerald. Again I can not speak for my dad but I feel the reason for this is because while Robert Fitzgerald speaks well, he says nothing. On the other hand my dad is a no B.S. kind of guy he says what he feels is right and if you talk to him he has the ability to back up his positions. Respectfully I ask you to contact him and ask him personally why he is running against Robert Fitzgerald. Well doing so keep in mind that he is a no B.S. kind of guy. I am sure that you are a very busy person and that just running this website is plenty hassle, but as someone who has taken upon themselves a position of influence I think that you owe it to my dad to speak to him. Please keep in mind my dad is not 29 years old with out responsibilities. The bottom line is that he’s a full time father and a full time farmer and in all of his spare time he has been preparing his positions and according to my mom losing sleep. This unfortunately means that he has perhaps not had the time to get into contact with you. Although I am sure that if he knows that this webpage exists he has tried. He doesn’t take on a single one of his responsibilities to better his own situation, but instead he dose it for his family. He is running for senate for his family and for you. Stephen Williams’ website is www.prairiefireusa.com send him an email with your phone number and I would be willing to bet that you will come out of you conversation with a much better understanding of my father.

I would like to apologize ahead of time for my poor sentence composition and spelling as I also have very little time.

Thank you for the time,
James Williams

Blogger mike said...

29 year old with no responsibilities? I could really take on your entire comment, but I'll leave it at that. Just be greatful I continue to have kind words about Stephen Williams.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I apologize for the 29 year old with no responsibilities comment. I have no idea about Robert’s personal life and it is pointless for me to even mention it anyways. I just wanted to make sure that it is known that my dad is not one of the "couple crazys".

Sorry if i sounded condescending towards Robert or you. That is most defiantly not my aim and also i want you to know that I do appreciate this blog because it is the only good blog about Minnesota politics that I have been able to find.
James Williams.


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