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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Primary challanges

We know Pam Ellison is headed for the primary, all indications are Steve Williams will challenge for US Senate, but in the next 2 and a half weeks I would expect around the 5 primary challanges for state wide races, as well as the two congressional districts which the Independence Party already has endorsed candidates.

A quick run down

US Senate Adam Steele was seen protesting outside the Independence Party convention, upset he was not given a forum to spew his hate rhetoric. He has filed for state Senate in the past, but has expressed his intent to run for US Senate this time around.

Attorney General Dale Nathen has a great passion for his interpretation of the law, but in the past that has gotten him in some trouble, and thus his endorsement was denied in 2002. He intends to run again this year although I believe his intention is to run as a small i independent.

Then we have people like Leslie Davis and Bill Dahn who will file for something, it's just a matter of what party and what office they pick this year. Of course you never know when a new name will be added to that list, or an old name that we had hoped was a one time candidate files again.

The good news is we have endorsed candidates for all the high profile races, who all will overwhelmingly win in the primary, the bad news is until the primary these folks will in a small way represent the party, and of course the other bad news is as of now we don't have credible candidates in the 6 other Congressional races as well as many of the State House and Senate races. Based on the top of the ticket I would expect the pleasant surprises to overshadow these sorts of candidates more so then we've seen in the past, however sometimes logic is not a good predictor for what will come of the filling period.


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