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Monday, June 26, 2006

Republican Party statement on Peter Hutchinsons endorsement

Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Ron Carey on Saturday issued the following statement regarding the endorsement of Peter Hutchinson.

"As Mike Hatch continues to propose massive new government spending while claiming he won't raise taxes, Peter Hutchinson is an honest, tax-and-spend liberal who is committed to hiking taxes on gasoline, clothing and internet purchases."

I believe the question Eric Eskola asked which triggered the discussion on these taxes was wether he thought our mix of taxes was best for budgeting. Peter responded on those other areas because they are more predictable and thus better for the budgeting process then our current mix. But I guess the party of Tim Pawlenty knows something about fiscal conservitism and responsible budgeting. I guess if you lower one tax and increase another Ron Carey and the Republican Party of Minnesota has a very difficult time comprehending what is going on. There are only two possible explenmations for Ron Careys remarks, either he's stupid, or he's a liar, or maybe a combenation of both. Liars like Carey and those that spread these lies don't deserve to be part of the political process. I have deleted from my sidebar the places I have seen these lies reproduced as fact.


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