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Friday, June 23, 2006

Star Tribune Editorial board

The Star Tribune did an editorial regarding the Independence Party and the upcoming Governors race. They questioned whether Peter Hutchinson was a serious contender or a spoiler. While the spoiler question is one that we have to face the idea that he's not a serious candidate is laughable. Sure if things go wrong he might not get 35%, but that doesn't mean you lump him in with Sue Jeffers and the vampire While the end results don't indicate it Tim Penny was a very serious contender to the point where many in the know predicted his victory. Peter is in this race for all the right reasons, and despite there question he is very actively fundraising. $200,000 in 2005 should have been a strong indication that he was on his way to raising enough funds to compete. While the Star Tribune Editorial board has in the past endorsed IP candidates whether or not they had a shot to win, this editorial strongly suggest they think the IP is a problem that needs to be dealt with (instant run off voting does it, the Democrats are responsible for bringing it forward, their delegates rejected it).

I'm sick and tired of the media feeding these people that can't adapt to the three party world, but yet feel entitled to being allowed to be part of the two party world. All our political rivals need to know is we're here, we're not here to help you, and we intend to win.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there mike. Love the blog and thanks for the positive comment about Pam i was just wondering why her website
is not in your list of site. So here you go Pamforgov.com. And if you would like any more info on Pam and Kari or thing else going in in the Ellison camp E-mail them at MediaRelations@pamforgov.com

Blogger mike said...

My focus is on the candidates I support, and while I have nothing against Pam I am supporting Peter. I have invested financially in Peter's campaign and intend on supporting the IP endorsed candidate 100%. While I will continue to be fair to the Ellison campaign should Peter be endorsed, I will have to think over the idea of linking her website, she still has a few things she will need to prove to me such as a long term commitment to this party beyond just her campaign. I wish you luck and am ready to get behind her should she gain the endorsement.

Anonymous Chris said...

I think the IP's problem (r.e.: the spolier argument) is the lack of lower-level elected officials.

It's been eight years since Ventura was elected and the IP today has zero members in the state House and Senate. Every two years, there's an IP candidate in most of the major races, but there seem to be relatively few major pushes in legislative races. That said, it makes gubernatorial and congressional campaigns look like vanity exercises to some.

On a positive note, PH has done really well in the radio interviews I've heard in the last few weeks. Did he ever get his MPR t-shirt?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike, if you honestly think that Sue Jeffers is one to be lumped into the same category as Jonathon Sharkey (aka, the Vampire), then you are seriously living in a dark hole.

Where have you been as she gives dozens of media interviews, is out canvassing the state and garnering support all over?

Your candidate will be VERY lucky to get maybe 15% in the general.

If Sue Jeffers kicks Pawlenty's butt by one vote, it's all over for you. She's the one they will all go to. As we speak, I know a lot of Democrats, even, who are busy gathering support for her.

Peter Hutchinson has contributed to society in other ways, but I cannot see how he can possibly turn this state around, feasibly and realisticly.

So, in conclusion, do NOT lump Sue Jeffers in a category as being lesser of a contender than Sue Jeffers. It will be much easier for her to squash Pawlenty in the primary, than had she gone ahead as the LIbertarian in the general.

Blogger mike said...

Her stance on the Gopher stadium tells it all. As goofy as the vampire was he may have actually had convictions. Sue's campaing amounts to making sure the name of her bar gets in every press release. If thats all your about then at least be a good liar.

The media has seen through Sue and are done giving her unearned press. She may be working the crowds, but she has no momentum behind her. If all goes well she will give Pawlenty a scare, but so far all isn't going well and Pawlenty doesn't care about her.

In large part the media is ignoring the fact a primary challange in the Republican party exists.


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