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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Things feel right

When Tim Penny was polling around 30% from the start of his campaign in 2002 things felt good. They felt good then because he was in the position where we always wanted to be in. At the time my feeling was a Penny loss would be a result of a failed campaign. The problem with Penny however wasn't that he did to many things wrong, it was that he was the wrong candidate for this party and the people that end up voting for our candidates.

I've felt Peter Hutchinson while better in the media setting had similar flaws. The Republicans and even Democrats are trying like hell to paint him as a liberal Democrat. While there should be no confusion that he might support Republicans over Democrats, this guy is anything but a liberal Democrat. This is of course the argument that I as a partisan Hutchinson supporter have been using for the last few months, and an argument I truly believe.

I didn't however realize how little people buy in to the liberal Democrat accusations. Sure the strong Republicans totally buy into it, but for them Jesse Ventura was a Democrat. The base of the Independence party that got Jesse Ventura elected has not bought into it in large #'s. I'm beginning to get a sense that in the back of peoples minds people across this state are ready to support Peter Hutchinson. They might not be ready to tell their friends and neighbors just yet, but if you listen closely you will hear it from the least expected places.

I've made bold predictions for Peter in this race since day one, but up until now I didn't have that feeling that the people of this state were to eager to jump on board. I thought he would have to work his ass off just to get on the publics radar, and then we would have to hope like hell there was enough time left to pull it off, but it is June 20th and he already is where he needs to be by the end of September. With a lot of parades, a lot of fairs, and a lot of media appearances in between things are looking up.

I finally have that feeling that I had the first week of November 1998, it's good to be back.


Anonymous Chris said...

Do you think any members of Team Minnesota voted for someone other than John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election?

Blogger mike said...

If I recall the 2004 elections were framed by the Republicans when they pretended they were about to try to ban gay marraiges.

I would personally hope that no members of team Minnesota supported that idea or the party that brought it to the table. Given that all these candidates are running from a party outside of the Democrats I think it would be resonable to guesse that after rejecting George Bush some members of Team Minnesota also rejected John Kerry and voted for someone else.


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