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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Primary battle

Pam Ellison has said she will take her campaign to a primary should she not win endorsement. Steven Williams was not willing to say he wouldn't, and you never know what will happen with late filers.

In 2004 the Independence Party was not concerned about the primary race as there were no races with two active campaigns. Unfortunately turnout was low enough for the inactive Peter Vento to take out Maplewood mayor Bob Cardinal in the 4th congressional district race, it was also low enough for Mike Hatch and Mary Kiffmeyer to threaten to take the Independence Party candidates off the ballot by making up a law that didn't exist only to be overruled by the courts on several measures. While there is no worry about that this year as it is well established that law does not exist, we should easily meet the criteria of that goofy fake law.

The question becomes more along the lines of preventing the Bob Cardinal situation, and bringing Tammy Lee, John Binkowski and all other endorsed candidates to November. As of now I don't see a major threat, but I would imagine it will develop somewhere where someone files under the Independence party who is very clearly not in the race to help the party. As for Pam Ellison her most successful day will probably be Saturday as I don't see her cracking 20% in a primary, of course Pam is not an outsider so her primary challenge is more welcomed then some others.


Blogger KT said...

Libritarian idiots are wasting votes on fools. Why would you do that instead of becoming part of the group (GOP & DFL) actually running and winning elections?

Blogger mike said...

Winning elections is great, standing for something is greater. Standing for something and winning elections is the greatest.

I intend to stand for something and win doing it. It's what all Minnesotans hope for.

As for Libritarians and Libertarians I can't speak for them. Although I would guesse they would say the same thing.

Blogger KT said...

Wow, I misspelled Libertarians; I'm a product of public schools and can't help myself.

So since you can spell and I can't, can you tell me if the Libertarian party still supports pot smoker’s rights? Should we make it legal to buy and use pot, just like alcohol or cigarettes?

Blogger mike said...

I wouldn't call you on your spelling if you could at least comprehend the fact that when I write the word Independence Party over and over and over, that I'm not a libertarian.

And People said Jesse was elected by idiots?


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