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Monday, June 19, 2006

MPR Senate debate

Here is the link to the audio.

A fairly even debate between Robert Fitzgerald, and Jim Haviland with Steven Williams holding his own in 3rd. A caller asked the question how the candidates can differentiate themselves from Mark Kennedy and Amy Klobauchar, this is the key issue for me as I want a US Senate candidate to bring in new people who will follow up by considering the Independence Party up and down the ballot with Peter Hutchinson and Team Minnesota as well as congressional and local candidates. Robert Fitzgerald was able to bring up his bus which demonstrates he's creative and he can find solutions, this is a great media tool to go along with the fact that only after election will he be old enough to serve in the Senate. Jim Haviland on the other hand is taking the defeatist route by committing to differentiate himself by not doing lawn signs, bumper stickers, and buttons because he doesn't believe those things are effective.

I can't support a candidate that doesn't understand that you have to be out there doing the little things to get people to even consider you. If Jim Haviland isn't doing what it takes to be polling at 5% then all the speaking skills in the world won't do him any good as he won't be invited to the debates. It doesn't matter how silly the process is, it doesn't matter if it takes gimmicks to get traction candidates need to go with what works even if they will trail in the money battle. You have to get peoples attention before you can start to make a sell.

This Saturday I will vote to endorse Robert Fitzgerald for US Senate at the Independence Party convention because he is committed to this race, he is committed to our future, and he is committed to the Independence party. I am confident once he gets the voters attention he will be able to bring them to vote for him, and there is no doubt he will get the voters attention.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Saturday, I too will be voting to endorse Robert Fitzgerald, to be the IP candidate for U.S. Senate.

Robert has been working hard; bringing in many young people to his campaign; driving to the TC area when necessary.

I know that after he's endorsed, he will be making several tours of the state, in "Gus - The Big Red Bus". This is truly a unique bus -
considering what it uses as fuel.

I heartily encourage all other IP'ers that I know, to vote to endorse Robert Fitzgerald.

He will be the candidate that can beat Mark Kennedy and Amy Klobuchar.

He will truly be the next shining star in the IP!!

J.L. Vinje; CD6 Chair / Operations Chair, MNIP


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