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Friday, June 16, 2006

The anti jerk vote

My dad said he would be supporting Peter Hutchinson, after seeing the team announcment last night, over the "two jerks." While my dad voted for both Jesse Ventura and Tim Penny, he is by no means an all around Independence Party supporter. What’s more by dad actually brought up the fact he could give $100 and get it refunded. I've gotten PCR donations out of my parents in the past, but there was a clear indication that my dad didn't like me bringing the subject up.

Those predicting the Independence Party will continue to fall back (ignoring the fact that there is a clear upward trend in IP support every election, and the 16.18% Tim Penny received would be a clear sign of strength had Ventura not set the bar so high) are assuming people like my dad no longer give a damn about Minnesota, and are willing to put up with candidates that tell the same see through lies for months at a time. My dads strong support suggest to me that when Peter Hutchinson talks about an IP base of 500,000 votes in this race he isn't off base at all unless he is underestimating it.


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